Dropping The Desire Doesn’t Mean Forgetting It

Dropping the desire is an important part of the manifesting process, but I think it’s often misunderstood as abandoning the dream. A lot of people think that dropping the desire means to forget about what you want, and in most cases that’s impossible to do. To drop the desire is to move into a state of satisfaction. It is to move from wanting it – to having it.

It’s releasing your grip on the desire. It’s changing your outlook from a state of wanting it but lacking it – to having already acquired it.

If you don’t shift to the state of having already acquired it, your mind will continually try to find ways to figure out how to acquire the thing desired. By trying to force something, or manipulate your external reality, you are affirming the state of lack. There’s a big difference between feeling like you want something, and feeling like you already have it and it’s done. If you achieve the latter, you drop the desire. You’re not coming from a place of desiring something anymore – you are coming from a place of appreciating what you already have.

To appreciate what you already have is to live in the end.

Living in the end is living in the consciousness of having already acquired the desire (living in faith).

If you are living in the end – you have dropped the desire.

Living in the End

I first heard the concept of “living in the end” from Neville Goddard – who’s teachings have been life changing for myself and many others. As early as the 1930’s, Neville was spreading this message as far as he could – that you are God. Your imagination is a creative power, and you create the reality you wish to experience by first experiencing it in your imagination as vividly as you can, so as to convince yourself of this reality, and therefore manifest this reality into your physical experience. This has been the most challenging concept to put into practice in my experience, but it was only when I began to understand and really start doing this that I actually began manifesting success.

Living in the end is living in the wish fulfilled. It’s living in a mindset, a mood, an understanding that whatever you desire – you can have it – and it’s yours right now.

This is difficult to take in initially. We are so dependant on our physical senses for confirmation and validation about what’s currently happening in our physical world. To live in the end is to already imagine and believe that what you want is yours right now – even if our physical senses and reason deny its presence. You are God individualised. Your creative power lies in your ability to have faith in your unseen reality until it comes into physical reality.

I believe the Bible is not based on real events. I believe the Bible is to help us understand the spirit in all of us, and that it was intended to be that way. I believe we are all pieces of the one God, with the same limitless creative power – your imagination.

The Bible talks about having faith in God. To have faith in God is to have faith in yourself. To have faith in yourself is to know that when you ask, it is given, because you are God. You are the giver and the recipient. You know that despite all evidence to the contrary – your wish has been fulfilled right now in this very moment. This is to live in the end. Knowing that God has ways beyond your conscious understanding to bring whatever you desire into your reality. You just need to keep the faith by acting as if, thinking as if, having your inner talk match that of yourself experiencing the wish fulfilled in this moment in time. That is what is meant by maintaining unwavering faith in God.

Therefore, pay attention to how you listen; for whoever has, more will be given him, but whoever does not have, even what he imagines he has will be taken away from him.” Luke 8:18

The active ingredient in manifesting the reality you want is faith. Imagining without faith is fruitless – because imagining without faith is yearning, or longing, and you confirm your lack of the thing you want. Once you are clear on what you want, and you can easily define it, you have to go from wanting it to having it. You can not move from one state (lack) to the next (fulfilment) in the physical, until you have done it in the mind first.

Living in the end is not imagining ways that it could happen. You’re not bothering with how, or who, or when. Those opportunities will be presented to you so clearly in time that you will not question yourself, or have any hesitation about what you are doing or what to decide. Have faith in yourself.

Just imagine the end. After the wish is fulfilled. Have faith. Everything is taken care of.

“Truly I say to you, If only you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what I did to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen.” Matthew 21:21

And all things you ask in prayer, having faith, you will receive.” Matthew 21:22